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If you're a horse owner, farrier, or vet, you share in the challenge of keeping your horses comfortably sound. Lameness issues in the hoof, tendons or joints result in expensive lay-up time.

Working on the hoof end of a horse is something you have to do to keep them sound. Our commitment is to bring you quality information and 'horse sense' hoof care solutions to help you prevent and solve soundness issues in your horses.

“No hoof - no horse”
Are you treating navicular syndrome, or navicular disease? Stabilizing navicular, reducing pain and increasing blood supply to the hoof are some of the benefits of Composite horseshoeing.

Do you have a horse with contracted heels? Composite Horseshoes provide light weight, pain reducing cushion and support, increasing circulation and helping your horses' hoof to expand back to it's normal size.

Founder and Laminitis cases respond very well to the pain reducing benefits of shoeing with composites and adding the extra support of either acrylic or urethane sole padding.

Are you combating a stubborn case of thrush or white line disease? Treating both your horses' hooves and the area where he stands is an effective way to win the battle.

Treating and preventing tendon and joint inflammation is one of the most important things you can do for your horse. ICE HORSE® Boots are the easiest way to apply dry cold therapy to suspensory tendons, check ligaments, inflammation in the hoof, or hocks.

How would composite horseshoes help your horses?

Lighter weight benefits both stride and hoof.
Reduced concussion by as much as 60% means fewer impact injuries.
Frog support improves circulation and stimulates hoof growth.
Durability - Composite horseshoes are tough.

Increased traction on all terrain prevents injuries to your horse both under saddle and during turn-out. Draft Horses and all horses ridden on pavement perform far better when shod with composites.

Composite horseshoeing provides therapeutic benefits for chronic conditions such as ring bone, laminitis and navicular disease. (For best results, use Hoof-it® composite shoes and Hoof-it® II acrylic.)

Traditional nail placement is easy due to the transparency of each horseshoe.

Horseshoeing with Composites
Horse Shoes Size Chart
Acrylic Hoof-it® II Repair/ Pad Instructions
Urethane QuickPad Instructions
Laminitis, and Navicular

**Note: The composite material used in our horseshoes closely matches the rigidity of a healthy hoof, and allows for some slide during movement.